The STW Raya Sale!

 We mean it when we say it's a sale, girls ;) Everything MUST go, so nothing is above RM40! What are you waiting for? Scroll down for amazing clothes at even amazing prices!

Click on the link below the pictures to see the original post. :)

RM46 RM35
RM45 RM30

RM39 RM19

RM48 RM35

RM38 RM25
RM44 RM35

RM42 RM29
RM39 RM25

RM42 RM35
RM42 RM35

RM28 RM19
RM39 RM29

RM60 RM40
RM59 RM40

RM44 RM32
RM45 RM35

RM42 RM29
RM45 RM30

RM52 RM40
RM49 RM35

RM40 RM29
RM44 RM32

RM38 RM29
RM48 RM39
RM35 RM20

you may consider..

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